Cavitational paste-preparer KIP

The grinder-pastepreparer KIP is the essentially new kind of the equipment used in emulsions and suspensions production of various technical appointments. It is also a fine homogenizer. Work of KIP is based on a cavitational principle. The cavitation phenomena are known in hydrodynamics as the phenomena destroying designs of hydrocars, courts, and pipelines. The cavitation can arise in a liquid at turbulent streams and also at influence of ultrasound on a liquid. Skillful management of a cavitation gives the chance to apply these machines in technological processes. In the offered equipment the cavitational field is created by means of hydrodynamic fluctuations of high intensity in the liquid environment. In difference from traditional methods of cavitation these hydrocars allow to receive a cavitation in any liquid, with various physical parameters and with the set frequency characteristics.

When cavitating raw materials, a triple result is achieved:

  • Dispersion,
  • Homogenization,
  • Disinfection.

Characteristics of Cavitational paste-preparer KIP

Name KIP-0,5 KIP-1,0 KIP-1,5 KIP-2,0 KIP-2,5 KIP-3,0
Power (kW) 5,5 11 15 18,5 22 30
Productivity (kg/h) 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Dimension (mm) 700x500x350 880x650x400 900X800X450 1100x1100x500 1200X1100X500 1200x1200x550
Weight (kg) 110 150 190 220 270 300
Fraction (mm) 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01 0.01 0,01