Floor-standing dryer with airslides SNA-1,0

The dryer is intended for preparation of high-quality seeds of all field cultures, and also manufacture of vitamin-grassy flour. In difference from АВМ drying of products is conducted with essential reduction of power inputs. СНА-1,0 differs simplicity of a design, non-failure operation in work, high efficiency see and it is calculated on 20 years of operation. Economic working process of a dryer is based on a countercurrent loose moving from above a damp material and drying agent, moving on aerotrenches from below - a zone of a dry material, heating up it and evaporating from it moisture. An aerotrench are designed in such manners that allow to carry out not only material drying, but simultaneously to carry out its automatic unloading in the unloading device.

Dryer SNU-1,0 is modernized dryer SNA-1,0. Difference consists that the dried up bottom layer of a material is cut from damp weight. As soon as the bottom layer of a material is reached conditioned humidity which define a hydrometer at operative control, by the carriage with the help back-and-forth motions in position of an unloading, regiments leave from under louvre boxes and close intervals between boxes. Thereby cutting off of the bottom layer of a material is made for cooling and an unloading. The top internal block, thus, is disconnected, and the fan submits not warm air on the channel to the drying chamber. This air leaving an airdistributing lattice carries out cooling and an unloading of the bottom dried up layer through a window opened shutter in the unloading device. In the end of an unloading shutter is closed also carriage regiments move in an initial condition of position of drying. The material from the top part of the chamber wakes up down to an airdistributing lattice, and leveling screwforms the new equal and set layer of a material.

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