Leasing and credit

Leasing is rather new financial tool allowing the enterprises to get the equipment at preservation of the circulating assets in comparison with the bank credit. Often it is a unique way of production expansion.

The basic differences between these two ways of the enterprises financing are presented in the table:



Term of the bank credit usually makes 1 - 2, 3 years are rarer. Term of financing from 2 till 5 years.
For reception liquid pledge which in 1,5 - 2 times exceed the sum of the credit is required. Pledge isn't necessary, as bought of equipment represents itself as pledge. It is enough to have 20-30 % from cost of the equipment for payment of advance payment.
The sums of the basic debt payments under the credit don't concern on the cost price (only percent) and are paid from company's resources. Leasing payment in full concerns on the cost price, reducing taxable base under the profit tax.
Amortisation is charged regularly, according to article 259 of the Russian Federation Tax code. There is an economy under the tax to property at the expense of the accelerated amortization with factor 3.
The client is served in a creditor bank. The client is served in the own bank.
As a rule, banks make high demands for credit reception: faultless credit history, granting of a considerable quantity of documents, additional guarantees. As the leasing subject remains in the property of lessor, risks under such transactions lower than under credits and additional maintenance on leasing isn't obligatory.

The leasing companies show fewer requirements to clients. To take the equipment in leasing is easier and faster rather than the credit in bank. The equipment provides the transaction so any additional guarantees from the lessor tenant don't demand and in a case default from obligations by the tenant, it is withdrawn from it.

For leasing registration it is possible to address in the company: RMB-Leasing, RosAgroLeasing. About other leasing companies in the review: The largest leasing companies of Russia.