In a Biowaste Shredder IBO effectively recycled waste meat processing plants, poultry farms and fish factory. Together with cavitators instrumentation, which are used for regrind and disinfection of raw materials, they are successfully used in feed production

The grinder-pastepreparer KIP is the essentially new kind of the equipment used in emulsions and suspensions production of various technical appointments. It is also a fine homogenizer. Work of KIP is based on a cavitational principle. The cavitation phenomena are known in hydrodynamics as the phenomena destroying designs of hydrocars, courts, and pipelines. The cavitation can arise in a liquid at turbulent streams and also at influence of ultrasound on a liquid. Skillful management of a cavitation gives the chance to apply these machines in technological processes.

The Screw paste-preparer ShIP is intended for thin crushing of damp processed raw materials. It is applied to agricultural products processing, and also in fuel preparation.

The paste-preparer ShIP can be used for preliminary preparation of raw materials before its processing in Cavitator KIP in which paste is crushed to a micron condition.

Bone, and also meat-bone meal are valuable products for forageproduction. Fiber containing in them is necessary for the balanced food of pets and a bird. However existing production technologies of a Bonemeal it is enough energetically unprofitable and consequently limit their wide application.

The offered technology of processing of a fish waste with reception of a Fishmeal differs clear advantages:

  • Non-polluting manufacture;
  • Drying is spent at low temperatures;
  • There are no smells, as by traditional manufacture;
  • Remain all нативные properties of a material of processing.
Crusher IKS is used at the processing enterprises and intended for crushing of bones, meat-bones and a fish waste. 
The initial product moves in a reception mouth through which arrives in the working chamber with a cutting disk. Raw materials crushing is made by the knifes fixed on a disk then by means of shovels it is thrown out in an unloading branch pipe.
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