Technological line of polyethylene bottles processing TLPB

The most part of food and chemical liquids in volume from 0,25 and to 5,0 liters spreads in plastic (PET-POLYESTER) bottles. A large quantity of the used bottles collected in big cities is taken out on the centralized ranges of gathering of a firm household waste (FHW). In several regions of Russian Federation gathering, sorting and recycling of PET-BOTTLES, for example in Moscow suburbs, and in Komi is organized. We offer line TLPB collected from modules of the modern high-efficiency ecological equipment.

  • The Greatest floor space in given TLPB is occupied with the sorting conveyor on which PET-BOTTLES are sorted on several parameters, for example, on color.
  • The Sorted bottles are formed in parties or prizes. Depending on necessity the sorted bottles can be pressed for convenience of transportation and storage. As raw materials for processing.
  • The Sorted raw materials arrive in a mill for crushing - the crushed raw materials are transferred by screw or tape conveyor in the washing unit consisting of several jet washers, depending on productivity of a line.
  • The PET-RAW MATERIALS washed up and cleared of pollution arrive in hydroextractor for removal of the rests of washing water.
  • For the purpose of full removal of moisture the PET-RAW MATERIALS go in drying installation.
  • The Dried up PET-RAW MATERIALS on blower arrive in the store the Bunker-cyclone. From the Bunker the PET-RAW MATERIALS can be loaded into containers for transportation or storage before granulation.