Technological line of tyres processing TLPSh

Damped tyres can be classified as a compound type of industrial wastes.
The most promising method of the tyre utilization is the mechanical pounding of tyres. The end product of this processing is the rubber powder or crumb.
Many methods of the tyre pounding have been worked out but as a rule they all are power-consuming and capital-intensive that cause the high prime cost of the rubber powder. The line of autotyres processing represents a modular complex of resource-saving cars. The technology of processing possesses high competitiveness in the world market. The basic technological transitions in the course of processing are:

  • primary crushing in two-shaft shredder for tires of cars, or on a milling crusher for cargo or career tires,
  • defibration and branch of a metal cord,
  • crushing on dismembrator and branch of a woven cord,
  • comminution of a rubber crumb on rotary mills MRS to the necessary fraction.

Technical characteristics





Productivity, t/h




Power, kW/h




Product particle size, mm

0.2, 0.6; 1.0; 3.0

0.2, 0.6; 1.0; 3.0

1.0; 3.0, 5.0

At factory designing on processing of autotyres it is necessary to be guided not only by manufacture well cleared тонкоизмельченного a powder, but more reliably and is more profitable to make rezino-technical production.