Technological line of GMRG production

Offered technological lines allow to make GMRG(General mechanical rubber goods) from the rubber crumb received at processing of amortized autotyres:

    Rubber chips in the size 5-30 mm,
    Rubber crumb of fraction 2-5 mm,
    Rough rubber powder less than 1 mm,
    Fine-grained powder of various fraction (100 - 500 microns) and various degree of clearing.

The basic indicators of rubber powder quality are its chemical cleanliness, "activity", the form and the size of particles. Such powder successfully use in reclaim production for rubber industry, in building, in road building, for manufacture of supports and elastic plastic, in any spheres when the final material should possess elasticity and sound insulation, and also as a sorbent. Various applications of a rubber crumb and powder are resulted lower, depending on the size of particles. For production of one ton fine-dispersed rubber powder existing technologies spend more than 1000 kw/hour/tn of the electric and its high cost price as power becomes the main obstacle for wider application of a rubber powder. We managed to balance the technological line made of in an original way developed equipment which makes a powder with power inputs less than 300 kw/hour/tn. Thus on mills МРС crushing of a rubber powder can be finished to fraction less than 10 micron. We receive highly profitable production which taking into account offers on its use will have doubtless demand in the market, considering rather low cost of the equipment.

    1. A line of reclaim production
    2. A line of continuous cloth vulcanization
    3. A line of rubber plates production by method of hot pressing.