Technological line manufacture of vegetable oil TLRM

Technological process, unlike standard extraction technologies, allows to take vegetable oil from raw materials with smaller expenses. The essence of technology consists in deep processing of raw materials and its full use. All oil containing in seeds is almost taken. The cavitational dispersant and electrolysis installation on oil branch are used for achievement of this result.

Offered complex ТЛРМ will find application for processing of all oil cultures kinds (sunflower, fir twigs of coniferous breeds, fruit-berry stones and so forth). Readjustment on a demanded kind of initial processed raw materials is provided with simple change-over of technological operating modes of the basic executive mechanisms.

The technological line of processing vegetable oil has following modules:

1. Preliminary grinder of seeds.

2. Bunker-amalgamator.

3. Unit cavitational dispersant seeds.

4. Electrolysis oil separator.


Characteristics of Technological line manufacture of vegetable oil TLRM

Models Productivity on an initial product Power
kg/h kw/h
TLRM-0,2 200 55
TLRM-0,5 500 116
TLRM-1,0 1000 223
TLRM-2,0 2000 371