The most attractive direction for investor consists in reception of the highest income from investments. The most interesting and perspective area for this purpose are investments into high technologies. In this area there are high risks, but profitability of separate projects can make such profit which will pay back all spent means for introduction of several risky projects. It is accepted to name such investments venture.

We select the high-tech projects which are already approved on a number of the enterprises and are ready to wide introduction in the industry. The most part of them is equipment intended for processing of various raw materials. Uniqueness of these workings out consists in the physical principles which allow carrying out this processing on resource-saving technologies.

We successfully invest more than ten years in these technologies and we invite you to put the spare capital in the manufactures using the high technology. Offered projects time-tested and represent well proved technological decisions. Time of mass development by their industry has come.
          1.    We advise on introduction of high technologies.
          2.    We project and construct the nonstandard equipment.
          3.    We help with working out and creation of new technologies.
          4.    We assist in advancement of innovative projects.
          5.    We appraise the cost of research, development and innovative ideas.
          6.    We solve questions of scientific projects financing.