Low-temperature vacuum dryer SNV

One of effective ways of safety of agricultural production is its drying. Thus thermal energy considerable quantity is spent for water evaporation. The technology low-temperature dehydration in vacuum allows not only to spend drying with small power expenses, but also to carry out it at low temperatures that favorably affects safety of useful properties of products.
Offered vacuum low-temperature dryers SNV can be applied in the food-processing industry, and also by manufacture of forages.

Characteristics of  Low-temperature vacuum dryer SNV

Models SNV-0,25 SNV-0,5 SNV-1,0 SNV-2,0 SNV-3,0 SNV-4,0
Productivity on an initial product, kg/h 100 200 500 1000 2000 4000
Power, kw/h 7 10 17 31 46 54
Weight, kg 480 950 1940 3620 6800 9700