Recycling of tyres

UFSh-2 - new working out of automobile tires utilizer. This module crushes autotyres in 6 mm crumb by milling. It is especially effective in application to tires of supersize cars which are difficultly processed in Shredders. And for crushing of career tires it is simply irreplaceable.

Crushers DFU are intended for crushing of various salvage kinds – rubber-containing, viscous-fibrous and other materials in a shortcut. Technical characteristics of family DFU are resulted in the table.


Rotary dismembator DRS is intended for crushing of rubber, wood waste and other materials. The acceptable fraction of processed raw materials can be 1-5 sm, Dismembrator crushes it in a crumb of 1-2 mm. DRS it is very effective for the rubber crumb dispersing received after crushing of autotyres or other dimensional GMRG in Shredder Sh1R or Milling utilizer UFSh.

The rotary-sieve mill MRS is intended for comminution of rubber, wood waste and other materials. For effective process of crushing in mill MRS used new principle, based on creation of set intensity shift forces in volume of the crushed material. As a result of influence on raw materials of pressure and shift deformations volume self-crushing of a material that causes high profitability of process is realized and provides a narrow range of crushing products fractional structure.

Damped tyres can be classified as a compound type of industrial wastes.
The most promising method of the tyre utilization is the mechanical pounding of tyres. The end product of this processing is the rubber powder or crumb.

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