Animal feed

It is possible to offer some variants of technological lines assemblage for preparation VGF, depending on initial raw materials and a demanded product of processing. In the table characteristics of complexes with settlement productivity on the received product of 500 kg/h, 1000 kg/h and 2000 kg/h are resulted. On initial raw materials productivity can be several times above. For example, at grass drying a considerable quantity of moisture evaporates and for reception 1 tn of product it is necessary to overwork 3-4 tn damp vegetative raw materials.

Preparation of cheap high-calorific forages for animals and birds is an actual problem in agricultural production. One of problem decision methods is use of technological line of forages production which includes modular compact units for deep processing of a wide set of initial products: fibrous vegetative raw materials, root crops, straw, peat, a waste of integrated poultry farms, pig farms and fish factories.

One of actual problems in feed production is reduction in price of forages at preservation of their high caloric content. The offered production technology of forages allows to use a wide set of components: fibrous vegetative raw materials, root crops, grain, straw, peat, a waste of integrated poultry farms, pig farm and fish-factory.
The initial raw materials are exposed cavitation to processing at which there is a crushing, homogenization and forage disinfecting. At this way of processing it is possible to use raw materials of any humidity and any quality.

Bone, and also meat-bone meal are valuable products for forageproduction. Fiber containing in them is necessary for the balanced food of pets and a bird. However existing production technologies of a Bonemeal it is enough energetically unprofitable and consequently limit their wide application.

The offered technology of processing of a fish waste with reception of a Fishmeal differs clear advantages:

  • Non-polluting manufacture;
  • Drying is spent at low temperatures;
  • There are no smells, as by traditional manufacture;
  • Remain all нативные properties of a material of processing.
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